CTI (Renato Archer R&D Institute) and SILVACO invite you to participate at SILVACO Day in Brazil: Semiconductor Market and Industry 4.0. This webinar will bring together specialists to discuss the semiconductor scenario and market landscape in Brazil and the impact from the current worldwide pandemic scenario. In addition, the event will also outline SILVACO’s main technological innovations and enhancements regarding IC modeling and design.

The webinar SILVACO Day in Brazil: Challenges and Perspectives for IC Design comprises two sessions:

Session 01 - This session will be a panel entitled:  the Semiconductor Market and Industry 4.0: perspectives and challenges. Keynote speakers from the microelectronics sector will discuss challenges and perspectives for integrated circuit design in Brazil.

Session 02 - For this second part, SILVACO´s partners (local companies and universities) will talk about their experiences using SILVACO solutions for the IP market, ACD and TCAD tools. We are looking forward to seeing you there.





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