Source code acess

To obtain InVesalius source code it is necessary to clone the available repository in:

* Git, hosted at GitHub (

$ git clone

Contributing to code

1. Fork InVesalius at GitHub (
2. Create a branch for the desired feature you are going to develop, since we work with branches.
3. Pull Request (

Please, write source code comments and commit messages in English. And follow the PEP 8 coding style (


NOTE: It is necessary to build Python-wrappers for VTK and GDCM.

Contributing to translation

InVesalius is under constant development, which makes it a challenge for translation into multiple languages.

You can help us both:

  • improving existing translations, or
  • translating InVesalius to new languages.

We are currently using Transifex, an open web service that help the translator’s job.

Using Transifex to translate InVesalius

  1. Register for a Transifex account.
  2. See your e-mail inbox and validate your account.
  3. Access InVesalius translation website.
  4. Request language  if the language you will translate is not on the available translations. Or Select one of available translations, click the link gui – po/en.po then click the button Translate now.
  5. Wait for the translation permission.
  6. Do not forget to press save while you translate – and after you have finished.

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