3D Printing in Polyjet (Polyjet)

  • Simultaneous multi-material jetting technology (PolyJet) Objet – Stratasys model Connex 350

      Researcher viewing model being printed on Stratasys 3D printer Connex 350 model that is in front of him
      • Description: PolyJet 3D printers jet layers of liquid photopolymer onto a build tray and cure them with UV light. The layers build up one at a time to create a 3D model or prototype. Fully cured models can be handled and used immediately, without additional post-curing. The equipment allows the processing of photosensitive polymeric resins, rigid (acrylic) and flexible (elastomeric), allowing the variation of hardness through the composition in the mixture between the materials to manufacture the piece.
      • Processing characteristics: Minimum layer thickness: 0.016 mm; Minimum wall thickness: 0.250 mm; Maximum build volume: 490x390x200 mm.
      • Year of installation: 2010