Characterization & Metrology

  • BGA inspection microscope Ersascope

      Overview of the microscope equipment for BGA Ersascope inspection
      • Description: Optical inspection system for PCIs assembled with SMD, BGA and PTH components.
      • Fabrication Year: 2012
  • Mechanical Profilometer - Dektak XT

      Researcher manipulating Dektak XT Mechanical Profilometer
      • Description: Stylus-type profiler that enables repeatability of 4Å to perform the critical nanometer-level film, step and surface measurements needed in the microelectronics, semiconductor, solar, high-brightness LED, medical, scientific and materials sciences.
      • Fabrication Year: 2010
  • X-ray inspection equipment PACE XR 2000

      Overview of PACE XR 2000 X-ray inspection equipment
      • Description: Inspection System for the quality control and process verification of all aspects of microelectronics manufacturing. It provides rapid, real-time x-ray inspection for production and rework environments for numerous applications, including multi-layer PCBs, small hole drilling, large back-planes and assemblies with advanced components, such as BGAs and chip-scale packages.
      • Fabrication Year: 2008