CTI Renato Archer shares its public-funded main labs for multi-users, including students, researchers, companies, start-ups and inventors, to develop and prototyping their hard-tech ideas and projects. The facilities can be accessed by different ways: contracted services, cooperation agreement or directly by end-users upon research proposal submission.

Ways to acess the facilities

Research proposals

You can access the multiple users facilities for  free  if you intend to publish your results. Check-out how to submit your research proposal.

Contracted services

You can also access the multiple users facilities on a cost-recovery basis for proprietary research that is not intended for the public domain. Request your technologycal service.

Cooperation agreements

Another way to access the CTI’s laboratory facilities is stablishing a long-term cooperation agreement. This document covers liability, intellectual property, and financial matters.

Sharing contract

CTI also grants permission or shares open laboratories, with corresponding financial consideration, through a contract for the development of R,D&I activities and actions aiming at technological innovation.

Processes and Techniques

CTI’s open labs are spread over more than 3,000 sq meters including clean rooms and world-class facilities. Micro and nanofabrication of complex patterns, materials and devices characterization, 3D printing based on several techniques and materials, advanced packaging and prototyping small series of multiple types of devices are among the services provided. Select the individual labs for more information about the available capabilities and tools.