About Open Labs

In areas such as microelectronics, nanotechnology and 3D printing - which have become strategic due to their industrial applications and the high value they add to the final products - equipments that enable the manufacture and characterization of devices, materials and prototypes are essential. However, these activities depend on specific equipment and a complex and expensive infrastructure. The Center for Information Technology Renato Archer - CTI, a research unit of the Brazilian Science, Technology and Innovations Ministry - MCTI, has unique laboratories in Brazil, such as: Micro-nanofabrication, Electronic Packaging, Qualification of Electronic Products and Three-dimensional Technologies. CTI, under the coordination of COLAB – Coordination of Open Labs and Technological Park, is undergoing a profound reorganization in its innovation environments. The aiming is to create an environment capable of promoting scientific and technological advances and the development of innovative solutions, through sharing access to strategic laboratory facilities, via open laboratories, and by offering infrastructure and adequate space for the installation of IT-related companies, via its technological park (CTI-Tec).


Open laboratories are learning environments with a multidisciplinary team and open access infrastructure to assist students, researchers, inventors, entrepreneurs and startups to collaboratively develop innovative products, processes, businesses and generate scientific knowledge. Source: MCTIC (adapted)
Users will have at their disposal machines, equipment and software to develop their research, products or processes. Users are trained to use the equipment and, with exceptions, will be able to operate it. The open laboratories provide a healthy environment for the exchange of ideas, experiences and enable the formation of partnerships and collaborative networks. Source: MCTIC (adapted) . Go to Information and find more details about how to use CTI’s open labs.
The spaces are intended for: researchers, students, companies, startups and inventors who want to develop their projects, whether for scientific dissemination or to put them on the market. Access is franchised through financial or non-financial consideration in accordance with CTI's innovation policy and internal regulations. Source: MCTIC (adapted) . Go to Information and find more details about how to use CTI’s open labs.